Laughter in the Wind

LIWSL Harris debuts with this love story of two young women searching for answers and finding them in each other.

Rebecca Wilcox’s curiosity about the disturbance of an old grave overcomes her fear of the cemetery’s reputation for being haunted. After all, she’s in college now. Armed with only a name and some dates, her search leads her to sophomore Olivia Harmon.

Olivia is equally curious about the grave and its occupant, but it’s not just an exercise in research to her. Family secrets—new and old—are buried in that grave. Used to hiding her sexuality to keep the peace, Olivia balks at more lies, and her already fractured family falls apart. Her friendship with Rebecca, however, only deepens.

Comforted and distracted by their feelings, Rebecca and Olivia might even give up their quest, until a final clue and a shocking revelation turns what they thought they knew upside down.

GCLS FinalistSeal-1x1-300dpi

2014 GCLS Goldie Award Finalist – Lesbian Young Adult, Lesbian Debut Fiction